Seaside Real Estate

Seaside, heralded as the first New Urbanism community to be developed in the United States, is a study in simplicity and comfortable elegance.

This perfectly picturesque beach community is peppered with pastel–colored cottages with covered front porches and white picket fences while winding brick paved streets make way to hidden gardens, art galleries and cafes. Whether walking to the market for a loaf of bread or watching Shakespeare in the park, Seaside offers the conveniences and amenities of any urban setting. 

Seaside’s town center – Central Square – is host to a collection of diverse boutiques, eateries and artisan markets each with the common thread of championing the relaxed, hometown feel of the community. But the real appeal of this coastal locale is its nod to a time when family time meant gathering on the front porch swing and kids could run and play without adult supervision. Laughter is carried on warm, balmy breezes and couples are inclined to walk hand-in-hand. Time-treasured traditions are what truly make Seaside the idyllic beach home.

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Seaside Amenities

Seaside offers golf, tennis, deep-sea fishing, hiking, biking and swimming. There are several quiet retreat centers in town for conferences and seminars. Famous for the architechture and its "walk to anywhere" style, Seaside has defined New Urbanism.

The festivals at Seaside are world famous and there always seems to something going on at Seaside.

Seaside enjoys all the amenemities that South Walton offers - beaches, world class dining, world class shopping, art and clothing boutiques, and provide a feeling of harmony and elegagance.


Seaside Real Estate

Seaside Real Estate is world renowned and highly sout after. The center of everything that make South Walton famous, Seaside real estate is unique and elegant. A prize for those looking to escape to nature and simplicity.

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Seaside Vacation Rentals

Seaside Vacation Rentals are the pefect mix of fun, lifestyle, and beaches for everyone.

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